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Elevation Pillows Australia provides elevation pillows that provides a better sleeping and lounging experience. Each one of our elevation pillows is essential in keeping your body and muscles well-rested .

Why Our Elevation Pillows?

Some of us do not feel comfortable lying down completely on the bed or couch due to back and leg problems. People who are recovering from surgery, childbirth, and illnesses also need pillows that adequately support their bodies during their prolonged bed rest. Conventional pillows may not be enough in avoiding back pain and leg cramps during that much-needed rest and unwinding session at home.

Getting a pillow which has the right balance between structure and softness is necessary to allow your whole body to recharge.

Elevation Pillow Australia provides pillow products that will help you maintain body alignment and improve circulation while doing things that you enjoy at home.

Many people are now looking into the option of sitting or sleeping with an elevation pillow because they see the product’s potential in addressing aches and discomfort brought by bad body positioning and support while they are working or resting.

At Elevation Pillows Australia, our goal is to provide our customers the satisfaction each of us are expecting for what we have paid for. For a more detailed specifications of our elevation pillows, please click here.


About Our Elevation Pillows

✔ Cushions and relieves the back, upper body, and legs by maintaining circulation and proper alignment;

✔ Helps avoid acid reflux and too much pressure on joints and muscles while in a sitting or sleeping position;

✔ Filled with gel-infused memory foam for a satisfying cooling effect;

✔ Made from breathable, soft, and skin-friendly material for a cozy and convenient experience;

✔ Repels allergens and dust mites and inhibits microbial growth; and

✔ Comes with removable zippered cover that can be machine-washed.



What Our Clients Say

Before, I only used conventional pillows when propping myself up on the bed and when trying to relax my feet and legs. After some time, my lower back would begin to ache and I would temporarily lose some feeling in my legs. It was even more difficult when I was recovering at home after a minor hip injury. I decided to purchase a basic wedge-shaped comfortable elevation pillow for my upper body and I really felt the difference! With the elevation pillow, I can sit on the bed for longer periods without feeling pain. The level of support it gave me definitely helped me in my recovery. Janet H.


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